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Postby 3 of 2 » Sat Feb 23, 2002 3:32 pm

Okay we've got like 8 people in the alliance. Each person receives about 600 turns in one day. There are 3000 sectors.

If we divide known space into 500-sector parts, then 6 of us can map the entire galaxy in one day.
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Postby nekopr1 » Sat Feb 23, 2002 3:58 pm

That's assuming we all LIVE INVASIONS...

c'mon peeps.. you have bigger ships than I. Yeah, I have 5 planets but, are they not corprate?

I gotta go but, defend them!!
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Postby Pheonix.tso » Sat Feb 23, 2002 11:15 pm

Hey I would add to them, but I'm entrenching my sector curretnly. :lol: one planet already has over 200 thousand fighters on it, and currently I am not going to divert too many resources (although I will some) until I have established 5 planets with a high degree of defenses (over a million fighters)


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Postby Grasshopper » Sun Feb 24, 2002 2:10 am

My sector in 2078 has a high degree of defences now(well not compared to the LGL game, but good for the BNT3 game).
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