Grass got blowed the fuck up!!!

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Grass got blowed the fuck up!!!

Postby KEVORKIAN » Thu Aug 01, 2002 3:56 am

:flamethrowingsmiley: Sorry Grass, I wasn't after your ship initially. But it was on a planet I attacked. :flamethrowingsmiley: I do appreciate the 200 trillion or so I looted from your planets though. :xeno: I think KH & I have pretty well won the game at this point.

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Postby Grasshopper » Mon Aug 05, 2002 4:02 am

Damn, :x I have been unable to connect to the Internet for a week or so. I knew I had lost a lot of turns, but didnt expect to get destroyed. I was building a new computer, that is why I was gone for a while.
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