GTK for EF2?

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GTK for EF2?

Postby Haz » Fri May 16, 2003 5:02 am

TTimo @ QERadiant wrote:GtkRadiant 1.3.8 beta - May 14th 03:33:39 AM 2003
Updated by [ TTimo ]

There is a new 1.3.8 setup for the beta version. Not many changes, mostly a stabilization update to prepare for new games to support, namely Enemy Territory, and maybe Elite Forces 2
We have tried to apply some workarounds to settle ATI's driver bugs. We'd like to know if there are still problems with that. You can grab the win32 setup and the linux setup.
As usual, use the forum for general feedback.
Dan Olofson & TTimo
- fix for buggy ATI drivers. Likely this doesn't fix all ATI issues, but fixes a rendering bug related to polygon backfaces
the workaround has to be enabled in Edit > Preferences, in 2D display/rendering tree node
- fix to png textures not showing in SoF2 mode. was a bad config file

Although, as a side note, the devs at Ritual state that "TikiRadiant" is much better than GTK.

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