Tips for new players

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Tips for new players

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When you look at the screenshots above, look at my skill level for each class. I'm level 4 in almost every class. If you want to make Captain, Major, Colonel, or a 1-3 star General, you have to get level 4 in alot of different classes. One level 4 in any class gets you Lt. Then each level 4 you gain after that moves you up another rank. So as soon as you top out at level 4 as a medic switch to another class & work on it, Then you top it out & switch again, & so on. I've had over 1900 XP & only been a Major lol, but that's because I stayed a field op for an entire campaign. I've made General as an axis & as an allied player, but to me it seems a little easier to do it on the axis team. Below are a few suggestions for each map. If you work at it you can sometimes get level 4 in a class on just one map.

Seawall Battery- is a good map to be a medic, Eng, Field Op, or a Covert Op.

GoldRush- is a good Eng map or soldier with a mortar, although once the allies bust into the bank switch to a soldier with a mg42 or go Medic & camp in the bank.

Wurzburg Radar- Pick just about anything.

Railgun- Field Op

Fuel Depot- Eng, Field Op, Covert Op

Oasis- Eng, Field Op, Soldier

BTW as an Eng I always go with the Garand or K43, because of the rifle grenades. You get kills with those & it helps boost you to level 4 that much faster. To get level 4 light weapons you just have to shoot & kill alot of peeps with you rifle, pistol, & regular grenades. Once you get level 4 light weapons you get dual pistols which rocks!!!!! As far as getting level 4 battle sense, the longer you stay alive the faster your battle sense moves up. When you get level 4 heavy weapons you also get to carry a Thompson or an mp40.

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